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Actor at Kazakhstan Academy Theater of Drama

Kalibek KUANYSHPAEV, Actor at Kazakhstan Academy Theater of Drama. Popular Artist of Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic and of USSR since 1959; writer. Order of Lenin; two other orders; Stalin Prize, 1952.


KUANYSHPAEV, Kalibek was born in 1902.


Since 1925 actor; has played over 200 roles at Kazakhstan Academy Theater in plays by Gogol, Ostrovsky, Gorky, Shakespeare, Schiller, Moliere, Korneychuk, Pogodin, etc. 1947 acted at Moscow Arts Theater and in Kazakhstan films: “Song of Abai”. “Amangeldy”; “To the Sound of the Dombra”.

“Kozy-Korpesh”; ”Bayan-Slu”. Author of over 120 satirical stories about “enemies of the Soviet system on the socialist front”. Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1946, 1950 and 1954 convocation.