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Kamaretdin SALIKHOV

Imam , Moscow Main Mosque

Kamaretdin SALIKHOV, USSR Imam, Moscow Main Mosque, since 1956. Hadji since 1956; member, Theol. Board for Moslems of the European USSR and Siberia.


graduated medresseh


Represents Moslem clergy at government receptions for statesmen from Countries of Moslem East and receives them upon their visit to Moscow Mosque. 1956 crown prince of the Yemen heir. 1956 Pres, of Indonesian Republic.

1957 higher clergy of Pakistan. 1958 Pres, of UAR. 1956 headed group of Soviet Moslem pilgrims to Mecca, where he distributed USSR edition of Koran and made public assurances of “religious freedom” in USSR.

1957 interview with USSR Telegraph Agency corresponding on the flourishing state of Islam in USSR. Broadcast over Radio Moscow in European and Arabic languages. Until 1917 Imam, Ufa Theol.

Board. 1929-1941 in Sov. Forced labor camps.

1941-1956 Imam, Kazan Mosque.