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Karen Surenovich KHACHATURYAN


Karen KHACHATURYAN, USSR Composer. Instructor at Moscow Conservatory, since 1952; board member, USSR Union of Composers, since 1957. 1st Prize at World Youth Festival, Prague, 1947.


KHACHATURYAN, Karen was born in 1920 in Moscow.


1928 entered piano class, Gnesin School of Music, Moscow. 1941 graduated piano and composition class, School of Music, Moscow Conservatory. 1949 graduated Moscow Conservatory.

1952 postgrad, course, Moscow Conservatory.


1941-1945 member, MVD Ensemble. 1947 participated in competition at World Youth Festival, Prague. His works form part of repertoire of Soviet and foreign musicians.

1956 gave concerts in Vietnam, 1957 in Korea. 1941-1945 in Soviet Army.