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Member of the Storting

Karl Eirik SCHJOTT-PEDERSEN, Norwegian Member of the Storting.


SCHJOTT-PEDERSEN, Karl Eirik was born on October 3, 1959 in Vardoe, Norway. Parents: Odd Eirik Schjott-Pedersen and Aslaug Berntine Schjott-Pedersen (née Nilssen).


University, Oslo, Cand. Magister, Basic Course in Economics, Basic Course in Public Law, Intermediate course in Political Science, 197985. Spoken languages: English, Norwegian.


Member. County Board of Control, Vardoe, 1979-1985. Member. County Council, Vardoe, 1979-1985. Absentee Representative for Finnmark County in Storting, 1981 -85.

Member Committee for Spokesmen in the Armed Forces, 1979. Member. Student Council, Oslo, 1980. Member. Executive Committee of Labour Party, Oslo, 1980.

Member, Executive Committee of Labour Party, Finnmark, since 1981. Member. Board of Control of Vardoe Borough Health and Social Care Services, 1983-1985. Leader, Labour Party Youth Organisation (Norwegian) (Labour Party youth organisation) Industry Committee, 1984-1985.

Member. Storting, since 1985. Leader, Labour Party Youth Organisation (Norwegian) Student Committee, 1985-1986. Member, Labour Party Youth Organisation (Norwegian) Central Board of Control, 89.

Leader, Labour Party Youth Organisation (Norwegian) District and Borough Political Committee, 1987-1989, member. Labour Party Economic Committee, since 1989, Borough Committee, 198589, Housing Committee, 1987-1988. Member of Executive Committee, Atlantic Association of Young Political Leaders, since 1987.

Leader of European Movement, Norway’s District Committee, 1989-1990. Mem of Storting Committees on Local Administration, Employment and Environment, 89 and Finance, since 1989. Vice Chairman. Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance, since 1990.

Main spokesman on Finance, Economy and Taxes, Labour Party, since 1990. Member, Labour Party Parliamentary Group Board of Control, since 1990.


  • Fra Problemer til Muligheter, Framtid i Nord-Norge, 1990.




Spouse Grete Lorck (née Lorck), 1989. Children: Karl-Fredrik.