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Kaspar Villiger Edit Profile

also known as Caspar Veeleeger

chairman , director , executive , Government official

Kaspar Villiger is a Swiss business owner and politician.He is a former member of the Swiss Federal Council.


He studied at the primary school in Pfeffikon.


In 1972 Villiger was elected to the Grand Council of the Canton in Lucerne. In 1987 Villiger was elected to the Senate, where he was settled down in the public accounts committee and the Transportation Commission.

Villiger was a vice president of the Central-Swiss chamber of commerce,as well as vice president of the Aargau Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


  • On the 1st of February, 1989 Kaspar Villiger became a successor to Elisabeth Kopp in the Bundesrat.


On February 1, 1989, he was elected to the Swiss Federal Council. He is affiliated to the Free Democratic Party (Liberals).The Free Democratic Party was a classical liberal political party in Switzerland. It was one of the major parties in Switzerland until its merger with the smaller classical liberal Liberal Party, to form FDP.


  • the Federal Council

    1989 - 2003

  • the Committee of the Central Association of Swiss employers' organizations

  • Federal Military Department

    1989 - 1995


  • Sport & Clubs