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educator , Aerospace engineer

Keh-Chin Chang, Chinese Aerospace engineer, educator. Recipient Research award Ministry Economics Affairs, Taiwan, 1978, 81, university.fellowship, University of Illinois, 1983-1984, Distinguished Teacher prize Ministry of Education, Taiwan, 1994.


Chang, Keh-Chin was born on January 14, 1952 in Taitung, Taiwan, Republic of China. Son of Wen-Chen and Pin-Mei (Tu) Chang.


Bachelor of Science, National Taiwan University, 1975. Doctor of Philosophy, University Illinois, 1984.


Engineer China Steel Corporation, Koashiung, Taiwan, 1977-1979. Postdoctorate Argonne (Illinois) National Laboratory, 1984-1985. Professor National National Cheng-Kung University University, Tainan, Taiwan, since 1986, deputy director aerospace science & technical research center Taiwan, 1991-1993, director energy research center Taiwan, 2000—2001, general director research and service headquarters, 2001—2007, director textile technical research center, since 2005, director energy research, since 2007.

Director NCKU Research and Development Foundation, Taiwan, 1994-1997, Incubator Tainan Science Park Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry Economic Affairs, Taiwan, 2006—2007. Secretary general Academia Industry Consortium Southern Tainan Science Park, Tainan, Taiwan, 2006—2007. Consultant China Steel Corporation, 1987-1989, Energy Research Laboratory, Shinchu, Taiwan, 1986-1988, Chun-Shun Institute of Science & Technology, Chung-Li, Taiwan, 1987-1990, National Space Program Office, Taipei, Taiwan, 1991-1993.

Board directors Combustion Institute Republic China, 1992-2002, NCKU Research and Development Foundation, 1996-1999, since 2002. Board auditors Civil Aviation Society of the Republic of China, since 1998.


  • Achievements include development of hybrid turbulence model to improve prediction accuracy of flow field using conventional two-equation models. Exploration of composition change effects on non-intrusive temperature measurement using holographic interferometry. Supervision of a construction project of the transonic wind tunnel and combustion laboratory in the aerospace science and technology research center.

    Principal investigator of the project for promotion of solar water heaters in Taiwan.


Executive secretary 1st and 2d National Conference on Combustion, Taiwan, 1991, 92, 39th National Conference on Aeronautics and Astronautics, Taiwan, 1997, Joint Conference Aeronautical and Astro. Society Republic of China and Chinese Civil Aviation Society, Taiwan, 2005. Second lieutenant Free China Army, 1975-1977.

Fellow Aeronautical and Astronomical Society Republic of China (board directors since 2005). Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Chinese Society Mechanical Engineers, Chinese Institute Engineers, Combustion Institute Republican China.


Married Jane Y. Chen, February 16, 1989. Children: Jim B., Judith Y.

Wen-Chen Chang

Pin-Mei (Tu) Chang

Jane Y. Chen

Jim B. Chang

Judith Y. Chang