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Actor since 1936

Khodzhikul RAKHMATULLAEV, USSR Actor since 1936. Producer since 1939, Tadzhikistan Lakhuti Academy Drama Theater; Honoured Artist of Tadzhikistan Soviet Socialist Republic since 1941. Order of Red Banner of Labor; Badge of Honor; medals; Tadzhikistan Supreme Soviet Presidium's Scroll of Honor.


RAKHMATULLAEV, Khodzhikul was born in 1908.


Graduated Bukhara Teachers’ Technicum. Since 1924 studied dramatic art in Moscow.


1922-1924 with amateur drama group, Bukhara Popular Commissar of Education, which later developed into Uzbek State Theater. Best roles: Khorkash in Ulagzade’s “Krasnopalochniki” (Men with Red Sticks). Cassio and Lorenzo in Shakespeare's “Othello” and “Romeo and Juliet”.

Montanelli in E. Voynich’s “Ovod” (Gadfly). Yarovoy in K. A. Trenev’s “Lyubov Yarovaya”. Usman Afandi in D. Ikrami’s “Dokhunda”.

Best productions: “Dokhunda” (1957) and Tagore’s “The Sacrifice”.