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Klaus-Peter Müller Edit Profile

entrepreneur , university professor , private sector banker

Klaus-Peter Müller is a German banker.


Müller, Klaus-Peter was born on September 16, 1944.


Doctor (honorary), Finance Academy Russian Federation, 2004.


He is the Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of Commerzbank AG, Germany's second-largest bank. 1962-1964: Apprenticeship in banking at Bankhaus Friedrich Simon KGaA, Düsseldorf 1964-1966: Military service (1st Lt) Since 1966 working for Commerzbank AG: 1966-1968: Düsseldorf Branch 1968-1973: Representative Office New York, since 1971 New York Branch 1973-1982: Düsseldorf Branch, later Joint Manager of the Duisburg Branch 1982-1986: Joint Manager of the New York Branch 1986-1990: Executive Vice President, Head of the Corporate Banking Department February 1990: Head of the department in charge of the Bank’s East German operations May 25, 2001 - May 15, 2008: Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors Since May 2008: Chairman of the Supervisory Board.


  • February 2004: Honorary doctorate from Finance Academy of the Russian Federation, Moscow\r\nMarch 2005 - March 2009: President of the Association of German Banks, Berlin\r\nSince January 2007: Honorary professor at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (Bankakademie / HfB), Frankfurt am Main\r\nSince April 2008: Chairman of the Executive Committee German Transport Forum, Berlin\r\nSince July 2008: Chairman of the German Corporate Governance Commission, Berlin\r\n2011: Great Federal Cross of Merit (Großes Verdienstkreuz)\r\nJune 2008: Ludwig-Erhard Gold Medal of the Economic Council of the Christian Democratic Union\r\nJanuary 2007: Honorary Professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management\r\nJune 2005: Cross of Honour of the Bundeswehr in Gold, for the recognition of commitment to in-depth meetings between executives of the Bundeswehr and the economy\r\nFebruary 2004: Honorary doctorate from the University of Finance Government of the Russian Federation.


Member of the Supervisory Board of The Linde Group since 2003.


Married; 1 child.