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Klaus Kinkel

Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs

Klaus KINKEL, German Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs.


Kinkel, Klaus was born on December 17, 1936 in Metzingen, Germany.


Law student, University Tübingen, University Bonn, University Cologne, Germany, 1960. Doctor Juris, 1964.


With district administrator's office Federal Office Civilian Protection Federal Ministry of Interior, Balingen, Germany, 1965-1970. Private secretary Federal Minister of Interior Genscher, head Min.'s office Federal Minister of Interior, Germany, 1970-1974. Head political staff Federal Foreign Office, Germany, 1974-1977, head policy planning staff Germany, 1977-1979.

President Federal Intelligence Service, Germany, 1979-1982. State secretary Federal Ministry of Justice, Germany, 1982-1991. Federal minister justice Germany, 1991-1992.

Federal minister foreign affairs Germany, 1992-1998. Deputy chancellor Federal Republic Germany, 1993-1998. Federal chairman Free Democratic Party, Germany, 1993-1995.

Member German Bundestag, since 1994. First deputy chairman, parliamentary group Federal Democratic Party, Germany, since 1998.


Married; 4 children.