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Konstantin Pavlovich GORSHENIN


Konstantin GORSHENIN, USSR Pedologist. Professor, and Director of a chair, Omsk Agriculture Institute, since 1922; Doctor of Agriculture Science; corresponding member, All-Union Academy, of Agriculture Science; Chief Editor, journal “Selskoe khozyaystvo Sibiri” (Agriculture in Siberia), since 1958; Honoured Worker of Science Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.


GORSHENIN, Konstantin was born in 1888 in village Borskoe, now Kuybyshev Oblast.


1913 graduated Physico-Mathematical Faculty, St. Petersburg University.


1912 took part in expedition investigating top soil along Tyumcn-Omsk Railroad. 1913-1914 with expeditions in Voronezh Gubemiya. 1915-1919 with Orenburg Expeditions.

1920-1922 with expedition in Western Siberia. 1921-1923 Presidium member, Soil Bureau, Commission for the Study of the Urals and Siberia, USSR Academy of Science. 1926 one of Chairman, All-Union Congress of Pedologists, Presidium member, Soviet Association, of Pedologists, and member, Organiz.

Committee Convocation of International Congress of Pedologists. Since 1938 has directed research into soils of Siberia and Far East. Frequently elected member, Omsk City Soviet of Workers’ Deputy, and member, Omsk Rayon Communist Party of the Soviet Union Committee.

Author of more than 100 science works on geographical, origin and classification of Siberian soils, physicochemical processes occurring in soils, and soil fertility. Since 1958 Chairman, Siberian Branch, Society of Pedologists. Since 1958 member, Editor Board, journal "Pochvovedenie” (Pedology).

1914-1920 member, Dokuchaev Soil Committee. 1920-1922 Assistant, Chair of Pedology, Omsk Agriculture Institute. 1928-1935 Director, Siberian Department, State Soil Institute, Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic Popular Commissariat of Land, then Director, Siberian Agrotechn.

Land Organization Center.