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Konstantin Iraklievich MASSALITINOV

composer , conductor

Konstantin MASSALITINOV, USSR Composer and conductor. Leader, Voronezh Folk Choir, since 1942; Honoured Art Worker Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic since 1955. Lenin Prize, 1949.


MASSALITINOV, Konstantin was born in 1905 in Voronezh.


1929 graduated piano and choir conducting classes at a music technicum.


Late 1920's wrote music for shows at Theater of Working Youth, Central Black Earth Oblast, and Workers’ Theater, construction site of Dnieper Hydropower Plant. Collected folksongs in Voronezh Oblast. 1937-1939 Executive Seer, and since 1939 Chairman, Voronezh Deputy, USSR Union of Composers.

Has written numerous songs.