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Kornei Ivanovich Chukovskii


Kornei Chukovskii, USSR Author. Real name: Korneichukov, Nikolai Vasil’evich.


Chukovskii, Kornei was born on March 31, 1882 in Petersburg.


Lived in his childhood near Odessa with his mother, a Ukrainian peasant woman. Began to write in Odessa newspapers. Correspondent in London, 1903-1904.

Became a well-known journalist before World War I. Children’s writer. His books (Moidodyr, Tarakanishche, Mukha Tsokotukha, Barmalei, Aibolit) have remained bestsellers since their publication. Many of his stories became the basis for radio programmes, operas, ballets and TV films.

He also wrote books for adults, mostly critical essays. His 6-volume Complete Works was published in Moscow, 1965-1969. Stood in the centre of Russian literary life for over half a century.

Father of the writer Lidia Chukovskaia. Oxford honorary Doctor of Literature, 1962.