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Korney Ivanovich CHUKOVSKY

critic , doctor , translator , author

Korney CHUKOVSKY, USSR Lit. critic; author of children's fiction; translator; Doctor of Philology. Order of Lenin; Order of Red Banner of Labor.


CHUKOVSKY, Korney was born in 1882 in St. Petersburg.


Nikolaev Gymnasium.


1905-1908 published satirical journal “Signal”, founded by him. 1908 moved to Kuokalla, made friends with artist I. Repin and edited latter’s memoirs. Literature criticism.

Published series of critical studies and articles in periodicals “Vesy”, “Rech”, “Niva”, “Russkoe slovo”, etc. While working for “Parus” began writing for children. After 1921 worked with “Pravda” and the journal “Krasnaya nov”, etc.

Combined work on a children's book with literary research and translated the works of Oscar Wilde, Whitman, etc. After World War I completed research into works of Nekrasov begun in 1910. 1958 published book “Vospominaniya” (Recollections about Repin, Gorky, Andreev, Koni, Bryusov, Mayakovsky, Zhitkov).

Presently working on book about Chekhov, first chapters of which appeared in 1960. 1901-1903 worked for newspaper “Odesskie novosti”. 1903-1905 London corresponding for this paper.

1916-1919 Head, Children’s Department, “Parus” Publ. House; 1919-1921 Head, Anglo-American Section, ‘‘Vsemirnaya literatura” Publ. House; during WWII member, Government Commission for Evacuation of Homeless Children.