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Kostas Pranovich KORSAKAS

critic and literature specialist , Lithuania poet

Kostas KORSAKAS, Lithuania poet, critic and literature specialist. Board, Lithuania Union of Writers; Professor, Vilnius University, since 1944; Director, Institute of Lithuania Language and Lit., Lithuania Academy of Sciences, since 1946; full member since 1949 and Presidium member since 1953, Lithuania Academy of Sciences. Order of Lenin.


KORSAKAS, Kostas was born in 1909 in village Pashvitinis, Lithuania.


1940 graduated Kaunas University.


1933-1940 Editor, Lithuania monthly journal “Kultura”, and contributor, “Lithuanian Encyclopedia”. 1940-1941 Director, Lithuania State Telegraph Agency “Elta”, and Director, State Publ. House; simultaneously instructor in Lithuania literature, Vilnius University.

1942-1944 Secretary, Lithuania Union of Writers, Moscow. 1944-1945 Dean, History, and Philological Faculty, Vilnius University. Edited publications of Institute of Lithuania Lit., Lithuania Academy of Sciences.

Chairman, Lithuania Union of Writers. Deputy, Lithuania Supreme Soviet of 1947, 1951, 1955 and 1959 convocation. Translates from Latvian and other languages.