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Krysztof Kieslowski Edit Profile

filmmaker , playwright

Krysztof Kieslowski was a Polish film director and playwright.


Kieslowski, Krysztof was born on June 27, 1941 in Warsaw, Poland.


Educated at School Cinema and Theatre, Lodz, Poland.


The hugely accomplished and beautiful Blue. Kieslowski has said it is a film about liberty: “If one loves, one stops being free. You become dependent on the person you love. When you love someone, you live your life and see your values differently, through the eyes of the person you love.

That is an interesting basis for a film,here's no such thing at work in Blue. Rather, Kieslowski— with the verv passive beauty of Juliette Binoche— seems to be glorying in the spoiled stasis of grief, as if loss brought one closer to resignation and a waiting emptiness. Do we really know this woman, or do we only feel her extraordinarily sensitive hesitation? Why is there so little about the child? The sensibility is very Catholic, yet the movie is nearly crushing in its pride and humorlessness.

Kieslowski was clearly so good a filmmaker. In addition, explored in Blue and Veronique, of all our lives receding into an infinity of other lives—a distance that alters meaning. But to see a Kieslowski film for me requires a steeling.