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Krzysztof Zanussi Edit Profile

filmmaker , Producer , scriptwriter

Krzysztof ZANUSSI, Polish film director and scriptwriter.


ZANUSSI, Krzysztof was born on June 17, 1939 in Warsaw. Son of Jerzy and Jadwiga Zanussi.


Student, Warsaw and Cracow University. Student, Lodz Higher Film School.


Death of Provincial 1966; Portrait of the Composer (prizes in Cracow, Leipzig), Face to Face 1967, Credit 1968, Pass Mark 1969, Mountains at Dark 1970, Role (Federation Republic of Germany) 1971, Behind the Wall 1971, (Grand Prix, San Remo Institute Film Festival 1972), Hipotese (Federation Republic of Germany) 1972, Nachtdienst (Federation Republic of Germany) 1975, Penderecki Lutoslawski Baird (documentary) 1976, Anatomiestunde (Federation Republic of Germany) 1977, Haus der Frauen (Federation Republic of Germany) 1978, Mein Krakau (documentary) 1979, Blaubard (Federation Republic of Germany) 1984 Director TOR Film Unit of Zespoly Filmowe Film Enterprise since 1967. Lecturer, Stage Department, of Higher State School of Film, TV and Drama, todt 1970-1972. Perm, co-operation with National Film School, United Kingdom since 1977.

Vice-Chairman, Polish Film Association 1971-1981. President European Federation Film Directors (FERA) since 1990. Has directed numerous short feature films.

Special; Director Cannes, OCIC.


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    • Movie DVD - Rok spokojnego slonca (The Year of the Quiet Sun) (Region code : all) (Korea Edition)

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    • Movie DVD - Bilans kwartalny (A Woman's Decision) (Region code : all) (Korea Edition)

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    • Director short feature films including Death of a Provincial, 1967, Structure of Crystals, 1972, Family Life, 1972, Illumination, 1972, The Catamount Killing, 1973, Womens Decision, 1974 (OCIC prize West Berlin), Camouflage, 1977 (Special prize Teheran, Grand prize Polish Film Festival), Spiral, 1978 (Cannes award, OCIC prize), Wege in der Nacht, 1979, Constant Factor, 1980 (Best Director award Cannes), Contract, 1980 (Distribution prize Venice), From a Far Country. Imperative, 1984 (award West Germany, France), Year of the Quiet Sun, 1984 (Golden Lion Venice Film Festival), The Power of Evil, 1985 (OCIC prize Montreal), Wherever You Are, 1988, The Inventory, 1989 (Oekumenical prize Moscow, Grand prize Strausbourg), Life For Life, 1990, The Silent Touch, 1992 (Best Actor prize Tokyo), On Full Gallop, 1995 (Special Jury prize Tokyo), Our God's Brother, 1997, Life as Fatal, Sexually Transmitted Disease, 2000 (Grand prize Moscow), Suplement, 2002 (Fipresci prize, Moscow), Persona Non Grata, 2005 (Special Jury prize Edyma), The Black Son, 2007. (television films) Face to Face, 1967, Mountains at Dusk, 1970, Role, 1971, Behind the Wall, 1971 (Grand prize San Remo 1972), Nachtdienst, 1975, Anatomiestunde, 1975, Haus der Frauen, 1978, Versuchung, 1981, Unaproachable, Blaubart, 1984 (Grand prize Venezia television), Long Conversation With a Bird, 1990, Portrait of Russia of B. Yeltzin, 1991, Sounds and Images, 1991, Weekend Stories, 1996-1997.Author: Nowele Filmowe, 1976, Scenariusze Filmowe, 1, 2, 3, 4, Sei Film, 1979, Rigorista, 1982, Pora Umierac, 1997, Opowiesci Weekendowe, 1998, Miedzy Jarmarkiem A Salonem, 1999, In Full Gallop, 2002, Bigos in Europe, 2003, Klezmer in Germany, 2007, other scripts.


Member of Polish Film Association (vice-chairman 1971-1981).


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