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Kui Auyang (Ouyang Chu)

army officer

Auyang Kui was an army officer. After his graduation, firstly, from military school and, then, from military college he took different military positions and participated in a number of military campaigns, was a well-known serviceman.


Auyang Kui was born in Chungshan district, Kwangtung.


Auyang Kui studied at the Nanking Military School and the Paoting Military Officers' College.


Upon graduation, Auyang Kui joined the cause of revolution under the leadership of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. He was appointed as a chief of staff by Dr. Sun and accompanied the Punitive Expedition to the North. Later he became a chief inspector of the Bureau of public safety and concurrently a chief of staff to the Headquarters of the 1st Route Army of the Northern Punitive Forces.

When the 1st East River Campaign against Cheng Chiung-ming started, he was appointed a 1st regiment and concurrently a director of operations. Auyang Kui also assisted in the suppression of the rebellion of Liu Chen-wan and Yang Hsi-min against Dr. Sun's Government at Canton.

He held the position of a vice-Commander of the 1st Independent Division (Wu Teh-chen being the Commander); later - a Commander of the 17th Division of the 6th Army. In 1924 Auyang Kui became a member of supervising and inspection committee of the military and police during the movement of purgation of the Kuomintang from communist elements. At this time he also was a commander of the forts of Bocca Tigris, Canton.

In 1927 Auyang Kui was appointed as a garrison commander of the Chao-Mei districts. The following year he held the post of a commissioner of the bureau of public safety, Canton.

During his last years, Auyang Kui was a member of the National Military Advisory Council.