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Kurt Heinrich Debus

government official.

Kurt Heinrich Debus, German government official.


Debus, Kurt Heinrich was born on November 29, 1908 in Frankfort/Main, Germany. Son of Heinrich P.J. and Melly (Graulich) Debus.


Master of Science in Elec. Engineering, Darmstadt (Germany) Technology U., 1936, Doctor of Philosophy. in Elec. Engineering, 1939; Doctor of Laws, Rollins College, 1967.

Honorary doctorate Florida Technology U., 1969, Florida Institute Technology, 1970.


Came to the United States, 1945, naturalized, 1959. Assistant professor electrical engineering Darmstadt Technology U., 1939-1942. Test engineer, later flight test director Peenemuende Rocket Center, 1942-1945.

Deputy director guidance and control div., later staff assistant to Wernher von Braun rocket research and development div., United States Army Ordnance, 1945-1952. Director missile firing laboratory Army Ballistic Missile Agency, 1952-1960. Director Launch Operations Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1960-1963, John F. Kennedy Space Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1963-1974, member management council Office Manned Space Flight, 1962-1974, member senior council Office Space Science, 1962.

Chairman Brevard County (Florida) United States Savings Bond Doctor, 1962-1974. Chairman Brevard-Indian River campaign Muscular Dystrophy Association American, after 1969. Trustee Florida Institute Technology Scholarship Fund.


Fellow American Institute Aeronautics an Astronautics (Lewis Hill award 1974). Member American Ordnance Association (life), National Geography Society, British Interplanetary Society (advisory board 1968), German Society Rocket Technology and Space Flight (honorary), National Academy Engineering, Hermann Oberth Gesellschaft (Honor ring 1971, honorary. Member). Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Raketentechnikûnd Raumfahrt (honorary), Instrument Society American (honorary), M.B.L.S. (advisory).


Married Irmgard Helene Brueckmann, June 30, 1937. Children: Ute, Sigrid (Mistress.

Heinrich P.J. Debus

Melly (Graulich) Debus

Irmgard Helene Brueckmann

Ute Debus

Sigrid (Mrs Debus