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László Garai Edit Profile

also known as László Garai

Economist , psychologist

László Garai is a Hungarian scholar doing his research work in three domains of the psychology: theoretical psychology, social psychology and economic psychology.


Graduated in philosophy and psychology from the Faculty of Arts of Budapest University (1959).

Obtained Candidate degree from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences with a thesis on a specifically human basic need (1968).

Obtained Doctor of Science degree from the Hungarian Academy of Science with a thesis on social identity and paradoxes of its psychic elaboration (1988)


László Garai was a member of the Advisory board of the Hungarian Ministry of Finance.

He is on the editiorial board of the Journal of Russian and East European Psychology.



The activity theory of Alexei Leontiev was the base of his hypothesi while working on a paradoxical need for a needfree activitys:
Alexei Nikolaevich Leont'ev

A Soviet developmental psychologist, and the founder of activity theory.