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Member of the National Assembly

Laszlo PASZTERNAK, Hungarian Member of the National Assembly. Silver Medal of Labour, The Hungarian Government, 1982; Leadership of Labour, Government of the German Democratic Republic, 1968, 1969, 1970; Gold Medal of Labour Unions, Hungarian Labour Federation, 1989.


PASZTERNAK, Laszlo was born on June 10, 1942 in Pusztadobos, Hungary. Parents: Jozsef Paszternàk and Martha Paszternàk (née Jakab).


College, of Political Science, 1978-1981. Zrinyl Military Academy, 1986-1988. Spoken languages: Hungarian, German.


Member of the House of Representatives, since 1990. Member of Committee for Latin American Affairs, since 1990. Member of Committee of Privileges and Immunity, since 1990.

Secretary, 1981-1988, President, since 1989, Hungarian Metalworkers Union. Member of the Presidium, Hungarian Labour Federation, since 1991.


  • Other Interests

    Fishing, gardening; organized labour, workers issues.


Spouse Margit Pasztcmak (née Futé). Children: Timea, Laszlo.