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Laura Biagiotti Edit Profile

also known as Queen of Cashmere

fashion designer

is an Italian high fashion designer,the head of The House of Biagiotti.


She studied literature in Rome, expecting to become an archeologist.


Took over MacPherson Knitwear, Pisa, 1974; established headquarters in Guidonia, 1980; introduced Rispeste collection, 1981; introduced Laurapiu collection, 1984; launched diffusion knitwear collection for Biagiotti Uomo, 1985; Biagiotti jeans collection debuted, 1986; Biagiotti Uomo collection, 1987; created perfumes Laura, 1982, Night, 1986, Roma, 1988, and Venezia, 1992; signed licensing agreement for Biagiotti shops in China, 1993; opened LB shop in Beijing, Bangkok, and Moscow, 1994; expanded cashmere collection in the Kremlin fashion show, 1995; fragrance Laura Biagiotti Roma released, 2001. Laura Biagiotti is the first fashion designer to have compiled a chapter on Italian fashion for the Treccani Encyclopedia in the Book of the Year 2004.

In January 2011 Laura Biagiotti was appointed by the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano the Leonardo Award, that for the first time in history has been given to a woman who is a shining example of Italian excellence worldwide.


  • . Laura Biagiotti was the President of the Leonardo Committee, composed of prominent Italians in the fields of industry, art and culture, from 2000 to 2008, and became its Honorary President in 2009. In 2001, she was the first designer to receive the prestigious Prix Femmes D’Europe for her contribution in promoting women’s participation in the development of a unified Europe. In 2002, Laura Biagiotti celebrated the 30th anniversary of her career, having made her debut with her first collection in Florence in 1972.


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