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Leonid Akimovich Kanegisser

student , poet

Leonid Kanegisser, USSR Student, poet.


Kanegisser, Leonid was born in 1898. Son of a wealthy Jewish engineer and public figure.


At his parents’ salon, met politicians, literati and artists. In Italy when World War I broke out. Returned to Petrograd.

Totally apolitical and did not belong to any party until the spring of 1918. Then the arrest and execution of a long-time friend turned him into a terrorist. Entered the reception-hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Petrograd, and shot the Chairman of the Petrograd Cheka, Moisei Uritskii, 30 August 1918.

Tried to escape by bicycle. Seized near the English Club. Executed by the successor of Uritskii, G. Bokii, with some 500 hostages arrested at random on Petrograd streets.