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Leonid Vitaljevich Kantorovich Edit Profile

Economist , economist, mathematician

Leonid Vitaliyevich Kantorovich (19 January 1912 – 7 April 1986) was a Soviet mathematician and economist, known for his theory and development of techniques for the optimal allocation of resources. He was the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1975 and the only winner of this prize from the USSR.


Ethnicity: Kantorovich was born on 19 January, 1912, to a Russian Jewish family.

Kantorovich, Leonid Vitaljevich was born on January 19, 1912 in Leningrad, Russia. Son of Vitalij M. and Pauline G. (Saks) Kantorovich.


Doctor of Science, 1935. Doctor (honorary), University, Glasgow. Doctor (honorary), Grenoble.

Doctor (honorary), Nice. Doctor (honorary), Helsinki. Doctor (honorary), Sorbonne.

Doctor (honorary), Cambridge. Doctor (honorary), Varsovie. Doctor (honorary), Philadelphia.

Doctor (honorary), Kolkata.


Instructor, professor Institute Industrial Construction Engineering, 1930—1939, Leningrad University, 1932—1960, professor, 1934. Head, department Mathematics Institute, Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics Academy of Sciences, 1948—1960. Head, mathematics, economics department Institute Siberian Branch, 1961—1971.

Professor, head chair, computer mathematics Novosibizu University, 1961—1971. Head, Research laboratory Institute National Economy Control, Moscow, 1971—1976. Member State Committee Sciences and Techniques, since 1975.

Head, department science Institute Systems Studies, Moscow, since 1976. With Russian Army, 1941-1948.


  • Linear programming

  • Kantorovich theorem

  • normed vector lattice (Kantorovich space)

  • Kantorovich metric

  • Kantorovich inequality

  • approximation theory

  • iterative methods

  • functional analysis

  • numerical analysis

  • scientific computing

  • Fellow: Econometric Society (council member) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `description` = VALUES(`description`); member: Yugoslavian Academy Arts and Sci., National Academy de Ingen. Mexico, Hungarian Academy Scis. (honorary), American Academy Arts and Scis., Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics Academy Scis.


  • article

    • The Mathematical Method of Production Planning and Organization (1939)

    • On the Translocation of Masses (1942)

    • Optimal Solution in Economics (1972)

  • book

    • The best use of economic resources (1942, published in 1959)

    • Approximate Methods of Higher Analysis (with V.I.Krylov, 1936)

    • Acta Mathematica. Functional Analysis in Semiordered Spaces (with B.Z. Vulikh and A.G. Pinsker, 1950)

    • Functional Analysis in Normed Spaces (with G.P. Akilov, 1959)


Quotations: «У ученого есть право и обязанность произносить правду»

"A scientist has a right and an obligation to tell the truth"


Married Natalia V. Iljina, March 11, 1938. Children: Ien, Vsevolod.

Vitalij Kantorovich - Russian - doctor

Paulina Kantorovich (Sachs) - Russian

Natalie Kantorovich - Soviet Union - Physician

Leonid Kantorovich was married in 1938 to a physician. Thier two children (d. and s.) both worked in mathematical economy.

Doctoral advisor, Co-author:
Vladimir Ivanovich Smirnov
Vladimir  Ivanovich Smirnov - Doctoral advisor, Co-author of Leonid Kantorovich


Doctoral advisor:
Grigorii Mikhailovich Fichtenholz
Grigorii Mikhailovich Fichtenholz - Doctoral advisor of Leonid Kantorovich


Tjalling C. Koopmans
Tjalling C. Koopmans - collegue of Leonid Kantorovich