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Liubov Dmitrievna Blok

actress , ballet historian

Liubov Blok, USSR Actress, ballet historian.


Blok, Liubov was born on December 29, 1881 in Petersburg. Daughter of the chemical scientist Dmitrii Mendeleev and wife of the poet Aleksandr Blok.


Graduated from the Bestuzhev School, 1906. Studied acting with A. Chitau.


Actress with Vsevolod Meyerhold, 1907-1922. Editor of Vaganova’s Basics of Classical Dance. Ballet critic for several Soviet periodicals.

Her main work, Vozniknovenie 1 Razvitie Tekhniki Klassicheskogo Tantsa, 3 vol. remains unpublished (the manuscript is kept at the Bakhrushin Theatre Museum, Moscow).