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Lou Herbert H. Edit Profile


also known as Lou Hsueh-hsi

Municipal official

Lou Herbert H. was a Chinese municipal official.


He was born in Ping Hsien, Kirin, China on December 1, 1894.


Mr. Herbert graduated from the political science department of Peking University in 1921. He received Master of Arts degree in political science from Harvard University in 1923 and Doctor of Philosophy degree in political science from Columbia University in 1927.


His doctoral dissertation being entitled "Juvenile Courts in the United States," and was published in Social Study Series of the University of North Carolina and recognized as a standard work on the subject in America. After his return to China, he served for a time as a professor in Northeastern University and later appointed secretary to the 3rd and 4th Army Corps of Manchuria. Mr. Lou was magistrate in Hopei and Liaoning provinces, then director of the social affairs bureau and councilor ofthe Peiping Municipal Government lecturer in municipal government in Peking University, Peiping.