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Louis Bruno Sohn Edit Profile

educator , Lawyer

Louis B. Sohn, American lawyer, specializing in the field of.


Sohn, Louis Bruno was born on March 1, 1914 in Lwów, Poland. Came to United States, 1939, naturalized, 1943. Son of Joseph and Fryderyka (Hescheles).


Master of Laws, Diplomatic Master of Science, John Casimir University, 1935. Master of Laws, Harvard University, 1940. Doctor of Juridical Science, Harvard University, 1958.

Doctor of Laws (honorary), Free University Brussels, 1990. Doctor of Laws (honorary), George Washington University, 2000.


Assistant to Judge M. O. Hudson, 1941-1948. John Harvey Gregory teaching fellow Harvard Law School, 1946-1947, lecturer law, 1947-1951, assistant professor law, 1951-1953, John Harvey Gregory lecturer in world organization, 1951-1981, professor law, 1953-1961, Bemis professor international law, 1961-1981. Woodruff professor international law University Georgia, 1981-1991.

Visiting Congressional professor George Washignton University Law School, 1991-1992. Distinguished research professor and director research and studies International Rule of Law Center, George Washington University Law School, 1992—2006. Distinguished fellow Jennings Randolph program United States Institute Peace, 1991-1992.

Consultant United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, 1960-1970, Office International Security Affairs, United States Department Defense, 1963-1970. Research assistant joint project for international law of future American Bar Association and Canada Bar Association, 1943-1944. Assistant to delegate Permanent Court International Justice, San Francisco Conference United Nations, 1945.

Executive secretary legal subcommittee on atomic energy Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1946. Assistant reporter on progressive development international law American and Canadian bar associations, 1947-1948. Consultant United Nations secretariat, 1948, 69, legal officer, 1950-1951.

Counselor international law, United States Department State, 1970-1971, consultant, 1982-2006. United States counsel International Court Justice, 1971, 84. United States delegate to United Nations Law of Sea Conference, 1974-1982.

United States delegate head Athens Conference on Settlement International Disputes, 1984.



Member American Bar Association (honorary, co-rapporteur joint working group with Canada Bar Association on peaceful settlement of disputes 1976-2006, vice chairman international law and practice section 1983-1991, chairman 1992-1993, member council 1993-1997, councillor 1997-2006, Leonard J. Theberge award 1992), American Society International Law (member executive council 1954-1957, vice president 1965-1966, honorary vice president 1980-1987, 90-2006, president 1988-1990, Manley O. Hudson medal 1996), World Parliament Association (legal advisor 1954-1964), International Law Association (vice president American branch), American Law Institute (associate reporter Foreign Relations Law 1978-1987), Institute International Law (Geneva) (reporter on consensus in international law 1997-1999), Federation American Scientists (vice chairman 1963, member council 1964-1965, 68-69), Commission Study Organization Peace (chairman 1986-1998).


Son of; married Elizabeth Mayo.

Joseph Son

Fryderyka (Hescheles) Son

Elizabeth Mayo.