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Lucien Félix LANIER


Lucien Félix LANIER, French Senator. Commander of the Legion of Honour Commander of the National Order of Merit; decoration for services to education; Officer of Agricultural Merit, Arts and Letters.


LANIER, Lucien Félix was born on October 16, 1919 in Rouen, Seine-Inferieure, France. Parents: André Lanier and Louise Lanier (née Suérus).


Louis-le-Grand School and Faculty of Arts, Paris. B.ès L; degree in history and geography. Qualified from the Royal Society in advanced studies of national defence.


Principal Private Secretary to the prefect of Basses-Pyrénées, 1950. General Secretary of Gers. 1954; Prinicpal Private Secretary to the Minister of National Defence, 1955.

Official Representative of the cabinet of the Minister of National Defence, 1956, and of the Prime Minister, 1957. SubPrefect of Rethel, 1958. Assistant general Secretary to the High Commission of Youth, 1959-1962.

General Secretary to the general Delegation of scientific and technical research, 1962-1967. Delegated Prefect, 1967, Prefect, 1968-1974. Of Val-de-Mame; Prefect of Ras-de-Calais, 1974.

Director General of administration at the Ministry of the Interior, 1974. Prefect of the Paris region. General Delegate of the District, 1975.

President of the Finance Bureau of Bassin Seine-Normandie, 197 5-81. President of the Transport Union of Paris, 1975-1981. President of the Institute of Development and Town Planning of Paris, 1975-1981.

Prefect of Ille-deFrance, 1976-1981. Prefect of Paris, 1977-1981. Member of the administration council of the public establishment of the parc de La Villette, 1979-1981.

President of the National Federation of Multibusiness firms. General Delegate for supermarket research, 1982. General Councillor of Val-de-Mame, 1985.

Regional Councillor of Illede-France, 1986. Declared Senator, replacing Michel Giraud. Elected Deputy, 1988.

Principal Private Secretary to the Director General of French Broadcasting-Television, 1957. Lecturer at the International Institute of Public Administration, 1961-1981.


Spouse Jacqueline Simon, 1956. Children: Virginia, Béatrice.