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Member of the Nationalrat

Ludwig KOWALD, Austrian Member of the Nationalrat. Silver Chamber, Medal of Steiermark Chamber of Agriculture.


KOWALD, Ludwig was born on February 17, 1939 in Ragnitz.


Francisco-Josephinum Federal Agricultural College, matriculation 1959. Federal institutes, Vienna, Ober St. Veit, agrarian engineer, 1964.


Management consultant, district Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry, Leibnitz, 1966-1970, and Chairman, 1976-1985. Mayor of Ragnitz, since 1971. District Chairman, Steiermark Farmers’ Federation, Leibnitz, 1974-1984.

Principal district Party Chairman, Österreichisches Volkspartei (Austrian People's Party), Leibnitz, since 1983. Member of Nationalrat, for Steiermark, since 1984. Reserve officer cadet, 1959-1960.

Steiermark District Agrarian Authority 1960-1966. Teacher. Silberberg Agricultural Technical College, since 1970. Took over a farm, 1971.


Clubs: Austrian Federation of Comradeship, Steiermark.