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Luigi AMOROSO, Italian economist. Fellow, Econometric Society; Cavaliere Italian Republic.


AMOROSO, Luigi was born in 1886 in Naples, Italy.


Dr (Mathematics), University Rome.


A follower of Pareto, who was inspired by the desire to simplify the structure of economic theory. His proof in a 1928 Annali di Economía article of the ‘existence’ of Walrasian general equilibrium when utility functions are interdependent and not just ‘additive’ is one of his major achievements. During the Fascist period he was able, unlike some colleagues, to continue working in Italy.

His Principii, written during this period, has discussions of money and equilibrium quite free from political implications and, in the third part, an economic theory of Fascism stated in analytical terms, which remains within the mainstream of economic science. Professor Political Economics, University Rome. Former Executive, Banco di Napoli and Instituto Nazionale Assicurazioni.

Director, Banco Nazionale del Lavoro.


  • Fellow, Econometric Society. Cavaliere Italian Republic.