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Luis Morato-Peña Edit Profile

Spanish and Quechua language educator , writer

Luis Morato-Peña, Spanish and Quechua language educator, writer. Faculty fellow Cornell University, 1995-1996; recipient Meritorious Citizen award Mcplty. Cochabamaba, 1982, First Radio Commentator medal Radio Bolivia, Oruro, 1965, Interview & Recognition award American Demographics Magazine, Ithaca, 1995.


Morato-Peña, Luis was born on April 27, 1931 in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Came to the United States, 1984. Son of Angel Morato and Florencia Peña de Morato.


Professor in languages, Mat. Teachers College, Sucre, Bolivia, 1955. Diploma in law, University San Simon, Cochabamba, 1960.

Diploma in journalism & commentary, University San Simon, Cochabamba, 1965.


Director, technical adviser, Tawantinsuyu Language Institute, Cochabamba, 1970-1976;director, technical advisor, Andean Pastoral Institute, Cuzco, Peru, 1977-1982;linguistics professor, Andean Pastoral Institute, Cuzco, Peru, 1976-1982;professor Quechua, Major Theological Seminary, Puno, Peru, 1980-1984;professor languages, U. San Simon, 1981-1984;senior lecturer, Cornell Univercity, Ithaca, New York, since 1990. Visiting lecturer University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1984-1990.


  • Other Work

    • Author: Trilingual Peruvian Quecha, 1966, Bilingual Social Studies Textbook, 1981, Trilingual Medical Guide, 1994, Trilingual Bolivian Quechua Textbook, 1995.


Promoter, organizer Peasant Association, Bolivia, 1970, director Farmer's Association, Bolivia, 1965, president Soccer Association, Bolivia, 1960. Leader Teachers Association, Bolivia, 1955. Member Writer's Association, Association Languages Professors.


Married Aydee Lara de Morato, August 16, 1956. Children: Luis Angel, Lenny Liliana, Daysi Susy, Lis Karina, Carla Caterina.

Angel Morato

Florencia Peña

Aydee Lara de Morato

Luis Angel Morato-Peña

Lenny Liliana Morato-Peña

Daysi Susy Morato-Peña

Lis Karina Morato-Peña

Carla Caterina Morato-Peña