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Luis Alfonso Rodriguez Edit Profile

also known as Luis Fonsi


Luis Fonsi is a famous Latin pop and R'n'B singer, composer and producer.


There Luis Alfonso created a school vocal group called the 'Big Guys'.

Besides Luis' studies at the university, he also joined the college's choir to have an opportunity to participate in various concerts throughout the USA and England.


When a 3-year-old boy, Luis began surprising the family with his talent for imitating the voices of famous singer of that time. Those so-called performances led him to participation in a singing contest for kids. It was his start for getting to know the world of music.

The Rodriguez left fot Orlando, Florida, the USA, when Luis was 10. There his father, Luis Alfonso, brought the son to Dr. Phillips High School where later Luis joined a band called the 'Big Guys'. The boy band became a start for another future pop star, a member of the 'N'Sync', Joey Fatone.

In 1995 Luis entered Florida State University where he majored in vocal techniques, piano and guitar.

In 1998 Luis recorded his first album named 'Comenzare' ('I Will Begin') which became highly popular in Latin America and actually made Luis a star. Having conquered the Golden Disc Award for the album, Luis got down to work on the next album.

'Eterno'(‘Eternal’) appeared in the market in 2000. The album earned equal success as the first one. The copies of the ‘Eterno’ album numbered thousands what brought a second Golden Disc to Fonsi.

Such success didn’t turn Luis’ head. He began working even harder. His third disc, ‘Amor Secreto’ (‘The Secret love’), was recorded in 2002. A third Golden Disc didn’t make the singer wait long.

Universal Music, the company collaborating with Luis, released his first English album ‘Fight the Feeling’ in 2002.

In 2003 Luis presented his next album named ‘Abrazar la Vida’ (‘Embrace the Life’). The album was sold well not only in Americas but also in Europe.

‘Paso a Paso’ (‘Step by Step’), the sixth album of Luis’, was launched into international markets. ‘Nada Es Para Siempre’ (‘Nothing is eternal’) was nominated for the Latin Music Awards. That event meant international recognition Luis as a great composer and singer.

In 2008 'Palabras del Silencio' ('Words of Silence') was presented to audience. The hit ‘No Me Doy Por Vencido’ (‘I Won’t Give Up’) broke in the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks and reached the top.

Fonsi’s latest album, ‘Tierra Firme’ (‘The Land’), was recorded in 2011.


Quotations: 'We should appreciate each day and it’s worth fighting for the things we’re longing for. We must believe in ourselves so I do think that persistence is a kind of behaviour which can help you. I am determined and permanent and I have always taken pains to achieve my goals'.


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Luis Alfonso Rodriguez

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Jean Carlos Rodriguez - singer
Jean Carlos Rodriguez - Brother of Luis Rodriguez

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Tatiana Rodriguez - sister of Luis Rodriguez

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Adamari Lopez Torres - ex-wife of Luis Rodriguez

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Agueda Lopez - wife of Luis Rodriguez

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