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Lulian Iuzefovich Marchlewski


Lulian Marchlewski, USSR Politician.


Marchlewski, lulian was born on May 17, 1866 in Wloclawek.


Poland. Gradued from Zurich University, 1896. Became a well-known activist in social democratic movements in Poland and Germany. During the 1905 Revolution, active in Warsaw.

During World War I, one of the founders of the Spartakus communist movement in Germany. Arrested, 1916, by the German authorities. In 1918, released at the request of Lenin and sent to Russia.

Member of the VTSIK, 1918. One of the founders of the Comintern. Leader of the Polish communists in the USSR, 1919-1920.

Dean of the communist University of the National Minorities of Western Countries in Moscow, 1922. Instrumental in the creation of MOPR (International Organization of Aid to Revolutionary Fighters). Reburied in Warsaw in 1950.