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M. H. Shen Marshall Edit Profile

Educational association administrator

M. H. Shen Marshall, Chinese educational association administrator. Recipient Outstanding Teacher of Nation award, 1994, Outstanding Career Developing Youth Exemplar of Nations award, 1984, Outstanding Social Welfare of Nation award, 1997, Outstanding Alumni award of elementary school, National Civil Service award, 2007.


Marshall, M. H. Shen was born on September 29, 1946 in Tainan, Taiwan. Son of Kwan San and Chu (Wu) Shen.


Bachelor of Science, Chang Yuan University, 1970. Master of Science, Central Missouri State University, 1990. Doctor of Education, St. Mary's University, 2000.


President Cheer Kindergarten, Tainan, since 1980, Cheer Infant School, Tainan, since 1980. Lecturer, associate professor Chia Nan University, 1990—2001. President Cheer English Computer Music School, since 1997, Cheer Orchestra, 1998.

Adjunct professor Da Yeh University, since 2001. Adjunct professor Chung Hwa University Medical Technology, Kun Shan University of Technology, Taiwan.


With Taiwanese Armed Forces, 1970. Member Early Childhood Education Association (president Tainan since 1988), Junior Chamber of Commerce International (senator New York chapter 1985, president Tainan chapter 1979), Rotary (president Tainan Central Club, 1990, director Early Childhood Foundation since 1990, Far Chen Humanity Foundation 1994, executive director Rotary Social Welfare Foundation since 1995), Tainan Music Association (president since 2000), Tainan East Education Association (president since 2003), Tainan Education Association (president since 2007).


  • Other Interests

    Photography, stamp collecting/philately, touring.


Married Susan Lin, July 29, 1973. Children: Mei-Tzu, Mei-Yi, Mei-Lin.

Kwan San Shen

Chu (Wu) Shen

Susan Lin

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Mei-Yi Marshall

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