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Maheswarudu Gidda, Indian biologist. Member of Forum Fisheries Professionals, Marine Biological Association India.


Gidda, Maheswarudu was born on July 9, 1957 in Andhra Pradesh, India. Son of Krishnamurthy and Saraswathi Gidda.


Doctor of Philosophy, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India, 1991.

Post-Doctorate, Tulane University, New Orleans,USA, 1995.


Scientist/ Senior Scientist, Mandapam camp Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, India, 1986—2000, Senior / principal scientist Visakhapatnam Regional Centre of CMFRI, 2000-2013, Scientist-in-Charge, VRC of CMFRI, 2009-2013, Head,Crustacean Fisheries Division, CMFRI, Kochi, since 2013.


  • Spawning and larval rearing of non-conventional penaeids such as Trachypenaeus pescadorensis, Parapenaeiopsis maxillipedo, Metapenaeopsis stridulans and M. hilaorula were succeeded. Tagging experiments revealed that the sea ranched populations of the two commercial species (P. semisulcatu and P. indicus) got recruited to the fishery in the Palk Bay and Gulf of Mannar in the Mandapam Region, and sea ranched P. semisulcatus even attained maturity at the age of 6-7 months. A viable rematuration system was developed for penaeid prawns (P. semisulcatus and P. indicus) to obtain repetitive spawning for a prolonged period. The technique of artificial insemination was developed to use repetitively in an individual of P. monodon and P. semisulcatus for more than 3 months, and hybridization study was attempted between these two species. Protocol for seed production and grow-out culture for P. semisulcatus and P. indicus was developed. Protocol was developed to develop Specific Pathogen Free & Disease Resistant brood stock of tiger shrimp, P. monodon. This species was reared up to F3 generation through inbreeding and cross breeding. Effect of testosterone hormone on the performance of male broodstock of P. monodon was evaluated. Protocol was developed for seed production and grow-out culture of blue swimming crab. This species was reared up to F4 generation through inbreeding. Rematuration system was developed and feeding pattern of Zoea1 of Scylla tranquebarica was described in relation to the suitable diet. A trial on polyculture of P. monodon, P. indicus and P. semisulcatus in a 0.8 ha earthen pond, confirmed the compatibility among these three species and also revealed that P. indicus and P. semisulcatus are resistant to White Spot Syndrome Virus than P. monodon . Identification of Arachidonic acid as inducing factor of shrimp maturation from littoral oligochaete Pontodrilus bermudensis was achieved. Protocol for Culture of littoral oligochaete Pontodrilus bermudensis was developed. Growth parameters and stock assessment of Penaeus mondon, P. indicus and P. semisulcatus along the east coast was done and management measures for judicial exploitation of these three species, to sustain the production, were suggested. Protocol was developed for culture of black tiger prawn P. monodon in an open sea floating cage. Protocol was developed for nursery rearing and culture of fingerlings of Asian Sea bass in floating cage in the sea. Broodstock development, sex reversal and larval rearing of greasy grouper Epinephelus tauvina was achieved. Exploitation of penaeid prawn resources by small mechanized trawlers and Sona boats in the Bay of Bengal off Visakhapatnam during 2001-2010 was studied. The catch and effort data of marine fisheries of Andhra Pradesh was analyzed for 11 years from 2000 to 2010. Inventorisation of about 1260 fish landing centres of the Indian coast on GIS platform was achieved. Integrated taxonomy of deep sea shrimps such as Aristeus alcocki, Oplophorus gracilirostris and Plesionika quasigrandis was studied.


Member of Forum Fisheries Professionals, Marine Biological Association India.


Married Lakshmi Janardhani Posina. 1 child Saraswathi.

Krishnamurthy Gidda

Saraswathi Gidda

Lakshmi Janardhani Posina

Saraswathi Gidda