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Mahmoud Issa MASHHAD Y

major businessman

Mahmoud Issa MASHHAD Y, major businessman. a decoration from H.M. King Hassan II of Morocco.


MASHHAD Y, Mahmoud Issa was born on November 11, 1935 in Medina, Saudi Arabia.


Bachelor of Arts (Arts).


Aramco senior staff 1962-1967. Director-General of Public Relations at PETROMIN 1967-1974. Owner and Director-General of several commercial establishments since 1974.

Owner and Director-General of International Trading Bureau, Saudi Arabian Public Relations Agency, Overseas Catering Establishment. Member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Major businessman.


  • Three books of miscellaneous essays.


All messengers taught the same message about belief, but the specific prescriptions of the divine laws regulating people's lives varied according to the needs of people and time.