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Member of the Riksdag

Maj Britt THEORIN, Swedish Member of the Riksdag.


THEORIN, Maj Britt was born in 1932 in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Member, Stockholm City Council, 1966-1970. Member of the Riksdag, I97I-. Member, Energy Preparedness Comm., 1974-1975.

Member, Committee on Defence, 1974-1977. Member, Oil Storage Comm., 1975-1976. Member, Bank of Sweden’s Tercentenary Fund, 1975-1980.

Member, Environmental Protection Comm., 1976-1978. Member, Swedish delegation to the United Nations General Assembly, since 1976. Member, Products Control Comm., 1979-1980.

Former Chairman, Swedish Disarmament Comm., 1982-1991. Founder, World Women Parliamentarians for Peace (WWPP), 1985, Chairperson, 1985-1986. Chairperson, United Nations Study on Nuclear Weapons, 90.

Chairman, United Nations Study on Military-Related Resources for the Environment, 1990-1991. Member, Foreign Affairs Committee, Riksdag. Member, Bureau of Social Democratic Women in Sweden.

Member, Executive Council of Stockholm, Social Democratic Party. President, Social Democratic Party Organization for Cultural Workers, Stockholm. Secretary, -1962; lay assessor, 1965-1971.

Chairman, National Children's Films Committee, 1972-1978. Member. Advisory Council on Children's Films, 1975-1979, Chairman, 1975-1977.


Spouse Rolf Thcorin.