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Mallika Sherawat Edit Profile

Mallika Sherawat

also known as Reema Lamba, Bollywood's Kissing Queen


An Indian actress who appears mainly in Bollywood films. She is one of the few Bollywood stars trying to crossover to Hollywood.


Sherawat was born Reema Lamba in Rohtak, Haryana to a Jat family. Mallika was born in the family of Seth Chhaju Ram, a leading Jat philanthropist.


She was first noticed in “Khwahish” in the year 2003, for appearing in a bold avatar, with minimal clothes and hot make-out scenes with her co-actor. In 2009, Sherawat finished shooting a Hollywood film named Hissss co-starring Irrfan Khan and directed by Jennifer Lynch.


  • She is one of the few Bollywood stars trying to crossover to Hollywood.

  • An honorary citizen of Los Angeles (2009)

  • The Team Jersey City's Arts Honree award (April 2009)


Quotations: "If a chemical drug like Viagra is accepted by society and by the world to ignite desire, then what is the problem with my audio-visual drug called cinema which ignites desire? Both are basically doing the same thing!"

"Who cares what people say about me? I am right on the ball. And I don't think one should take oneself too seriously. Be like the laughing Buddha, I always say, smile through life! It will immediately look better!"


  • Asian Academy of film and television , Asia


Father (1861-1943):
Seth Chhaju Ram - India - Philanthropist
Seth Chhaju Ram - Father (1861-1943) of Mallika Sherawat

He undertook many social improvement projects. He financed the higher studies of Sir Chhotu Ram.

Husband (2000 - 2001):
Karan Singh Gill - India - pilot
Karan Singh Gill	  - Husband (2000 - 2001) of Mallika Sherawat