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Man-ching Miss Liu Edit Profile

Government Commissioner

Man-ching Liu was a Chinese government commissioner to Tibet.


Miss Liu was born in Tibet, China in 1906.


For the purpose of education, she left Tibet for China at the age of 6 and entered a Girls' Normal School at Peking. Later she attended a missionary medical school at Peking, but differences in religion compelled her to discontinue her medical study.


When the Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Committee of the National Government at Nanking was formed, Miss Liu Man-chlng joined the committee and later was appointed a secretary of the National Government. In July 1929, she was appointed government commissioner to Tibet to convey the good wishes of the National Government to the Tibetan chieftans and people and to study and report on conditions in Tibet.

After a tedious and adventurous journey of fully 8 months on horse back and by foot, she reached Lhasa, Capital of Tibet in February, 1930. While in Tibet, she interviewed the late Dalai Lama three times on the question of Chinese policy towards Tibet and enunicated the Three Peoples' Principles to the Tibetan people. She also pointed out the difference between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party in China and dispelled the rumour of prohibition of observance of Buddhism by the Kuomintang.