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Manfred Eigen, German physicist. Achievements include studying evolution of biological macromolecules; research on control of enzymes. Co-recipient Nobel prize in chemistry, 1967, Max-Planck-Forschungs-Preis, Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung, 1994, Paul Ehrlich award, 1996.


Eigen, Manfred was born on May 9, 1927 in Bochum, Germany. Son of Ernst E. and Hedwig (Feld) Eigen.


Doctor of Philosophy, Georg-August University, Göttingen, 1951. Studies in physics and Chemistry, University Göttingen, Germany. Degree (honorary), University Göttingen, Germany.

Degree (honorary), University Chicago. Degree (honorary), Washington University, St. Louis. Degree (honorary), Nottingham University.

Degree (honorary), Bristol University, United Kingdom. Degree (honorary), Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Degree (honorary), Cambridge University, United Kingdom.

Degree (honorary), Debrecen University. Degree (honorary), Technology University, Munich. Degree (honorary), Bielefeld University.

Degree (honorary), Utah State University. Doctor of Science (honorary), Harvard University, 1966.


Scientific assistant of Institute Physical Chemistry University Göttingen, 1951-1953. Member of staff Max Planck Institute Biophysics Chemistry (formerly known as Max Planck Institute for Physical Chemistry), Göttingen, since 1953, science member, since 1958, managing director, 1964—1970, head, department chemical kinetics, since 1964. Andrew D. White professor at large Cornell University, 1965.

Honorary professor of Technische Hochschule, 1965.


  • Achievements include studying evolution of biological macromolecules. Research on control of enzymes.


  • Other Work

    • Author technical papers.


Member of National Academy of Sciences, American Association for the Advancement of Science (foreign honorary member), Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher in Halle (Carus medal 1967), Gottingen Akademie Wissenschaften, American Association Biological Chemists, Bunsen Society Physical Chemistry (Bodenstein Preis 1956), Faraday Society, Royal Society (foreign member, Paul Ehrlich award 1996).


Married to Elfriede Müller. Children: Gerald, Angela.

Ernst E. Eigen

Hedwig (Feld) Eigen

Elfriede Müller

Gerald Eigen

Angela Eigen