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Manfred OPEL

Member of the Bundestag

Manfred OPEL, German Member of the Bundestag. Union of Public Services, Transport and Traffic; Workers’ Welfare.


OPEL, Manfred was born on July 27, 1938 in Bayreuth.


Trained as technical officer. Technical University, Munich, Diploma of Engineering. Boston University, Master of Arts, political science.


Mme., Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (Social Democratic Party of Germany). Member, Security Policy Committee, Party Executive. Technical officer, fighter bomber squadron.

Chief, overhaul squadron. Worked in Political Club, Evangelical Academy, Tutzing. Trained as General Staff Officer.

Head of Department, Logistics in an Airforce Support Group Commando. Visit to North Atlantic Treaty Organization Defence Academy, Rome. Head of Department, Strategic Planning in International Military Staff, North Atlantic Treaty Organization Headquarters, Brussels.

Various Staff Commandos in Husum, Cologne and Bonn. General of Airforce Armament.


Union of Public Services, Transport and Traffic. Workers’ Welfare.