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Member of the Bundestag

Manfred REIMANN, German Member of the Bundestag. Hans-Bockler medal.


REIMANN, Manfred was born on April 14, 1928 in Hohr-Grenzhausen.


Apprentice machine fitter.


Chairman, SPD-Palatinate. Chairman, local assn, to 1962. Deputy Group speaker, town council Hohr-Grenzhausen, delegate positions at Land and Federal levels.

Member of town council, Ludwigshafen, 1969. Secretary, IG Chemicals-PaperCeramics Union, Ludwigshafen since 1977. Member of Diet Rhineland-Palatinate, 1981-1983.

Member of Bundestag since 1983. Machine fitter; chairman, works council and member of supervisory board 1955-1961. Various full-time positions within the trade union, 1961-1977.

Member of supervisory board, Rutgerswerke AG, Frankfurt (workers’ representative).