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Mansour Abdul Rahman AL-SUHAIRNY

director , general

Mansour Abdul Rahman AL-SUHAIRNY, Director-General of Production, Jeddah Petroleum Refinery Company.


AL-SUHAIRNY, Mansour Abdul Rahman was born in 1942 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


Bachelor of Science (Petroleum Engineering).


Former Petroleum Engineer, Ministry of Petroleum. Petroleum Engineer, Aramco. Shift Head, Production Engineering, Chief Technical Services Division, Director of Technical Services.

Member of Board, Jeddah Petroleum Refinery Company. Member, International Petroleum Conference, Japan. Attended the following seminars: Platforming Seminar 1969, Management Development 1972, Refinery and Petrochemicals 1973, Platforming Seminar 1974, Management Seminar 1974, Production Management 1976.

Director-General of Production, Jeddah Petroleum Refinery Company.


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