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member of the European Parliament

Marc GALLE, Belgian Member of the European Parliament.


GALLE, Marc was born on September 11, 1930 in Denderleeuw.


University of Ghent and Free University of Brussels, doctorate in literature, philosophical germanic philology. Doctoral thesis on Louis Couperus.


Deputy for district of Aalst, since 1977. Minister, Flemish region, 1979-1980. Minister, Flemish Community, 1980-1988.

Community Minister, Internal Affairs, 1981-1985. Member, Chamber of Representatives Commissions on Education, Scientific Policy and Culture, Internal and General Business and Public Office. Member, Interparliamentary Benelux advisory Council.

Member, Flemish Coucil Commissions on Internal Affairs and Language Regulation, Education and Environment. Deputy Chair, Flemish Council Commission on Culture. Member, SP Party Office.

Town councillor; teacher, military college. Lecturer, University for Translators and Interpreters. Professor, Economische Hogeschool Limburg (economic University Limburg).

Lecturer. Rijkshoger Institute voor Toneel and Cultuurspreiding (State higher institute for the theatre and dissemination of culture). Visiting lecturer at various foreign Universities. Vaste Commissie voor Taaltoezicht (Commission for Language Supervision), 1964-1977.

Journalist, BRT-Taalwenken, 196577. Reporter, Institutionele Hervormingen SP Congres Van Klemskerke, (institutional reforms SP Congress of Klemskerke), 1967. Active with the Rode Leeuwen, Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde district.


  • Literaire, historische en taalkundige studies (literary, historical and linguistic studies).