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Marcel GESQUIERE, Belgian Senator.


GESQUIERE, Marcel was born on June 10, 1930 in Veume, Belgium.


Secondary school, Veume, lower secondary education. RTT-TT school, Brussels. 3 year training and preparation course for civil service, 1953-1956.

Ryks instituut voor Techisch Onderwijs (State institute for technical education), De Panne, 3 year training course, English, 1962-1965. Rijksinstituut voor Technische Onderwijs, De Panne, 3 year training course, German, 1965-1968.


Local councillor, Veume, since 1977. First alderman, Veume, 197782. Member, provincial council.

West Flanders, 1977-1978 and 1981-1987. Deputy, Veurne-Diksmuide-Oostende district, since 1988. Member. Chamber of Reps, commissions on petitions, agriculture and small businesses.

Member, Flemish council commissions on regulation of general business and petitions, internal affairs and language regulation, the environment, conservation of nature and rural planning. Chair, SP division Veume. Member, SP district Exec, office.

Member, SP general council. Executive clerk, Banque de la Société Générale de Belgique Brussel, 1946-1948. Successively helper, clerk and official/correspondant with RTT Brussel and Veume, 1948-1988.