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Maria de Lourdes Hinojosa Edit Profile

journalist , producer , writer

In the mid-1980s Maria de Lourdes Hinojosa became the first Latina correspondent on National Public Radio (NPR). Her balanced and incisive stories on Latino life in the United States helped usher in a new era, when multicultural media coverage of American life became more commonplace. Since 1997 Mrs. Hinojosa has been with the Cable News Network (CNN), based at their New York City bureau.


Mrs. Hinojosa was born on July 2, 1961, in Mexico City, Mexico. She was a daughter of Raul (a medical doctor) and Berta (a social worker) Hinojosa. Although she was born in Mexico City, Mrs. Hinojosa was raised in Chicago.


Maria Hinojosa moved to New York City in 1979, where she studied Latin American and women’s studies at Barnard College. After graduating from college with honors in 1985, Mrs. Hinojosa embarked on a varied and prestigious career as a radio and television journalist.


In 1980 Maria Hinojosa started her career of a radio and television journalist at WKCR- FM, New York City, working as a producer and host of radio program Nueva cancion y demas, in 1983 she was promoted program director. From 1985 to 1986 Mrs. Hinojosa served at National Public Radio, Washington, D.C., as a production assistant, in 1988-1989 as a freelance reporter/producer, since 1990 she was appointed New York Bureau staff reporter, and in 1993 Maria Hinojosa became a host of weekly radio program Latino USA.

Between 1986 and 1987 she occupied the position of an associate producer at Enfoque Nacional, KPBS, San Diego, CA. In 1987 Maria Hinojosa took up the post of a producer at CBS News, New York City. Since 1988 she worked as a researcher/producer. In 1990 she was appointed by WNYC Radio, New York City, staff reporter.

From 1990 till 1991 Mrs. Hinojosa was a host of talk show New York Hotline at WNYC Public Television, New York City. Since 1992 she acted as a host and guest of talk show Informed Sources at WNET Channel 13, New York City. Starting from 1993 she served at WNBC-TV, New York City, acting as a host of talk show Visiones.

Maria Hinojosa later also worked as a lecturer at colleges and universities. She was a public speaker on Latino, women’s, and multicultural issues. She was a member of of board of North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) and Columbia University-Barnard College Urban Policy Institute.

Mrs. Hinojosa has had a number of exhibitions: altars built with her husband, Dominican painter German Perez, have been exhibited in New York City at the Bronx Museum of Art and the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, and in Chicago at the Mexican Fine Arts Institute.


  • Mrs. Hinojosa is an award-winning broadcast journalist, who has won numerous awards for her work as a correspondent for National Public Radio. For example, she received the Robert F. Kennedy Award in 1995 for her piece "Manhood behind Bars", which documents "how jail has become a rite of passage for young men of all races," as Maria Hinojosa explained.


Quotations: "Growing up as a Mexican immigrant in Chicago, I always had the experience of being the 'other'. I was the other among my mostly white friends in the states but I was also the other when I would go back to were voiceless as well. In my work as a journalist and as an author I hope to give that voice back to the voiceless. All of society’s voices and perspectives are legitimate and important. We might not like what we hear but we have a responsibility to listen."


  • National Association of Hispanic Journalists

  • National Alliance of Third World Journalists

  • New York Newswomen’s Club , United States


  • Other Interests

    Avocations: reading, writing, dancing, hiking, yoga.


Married German E. Perez, July 20, 1991.

Raul Hinojosa

Berta (Ojeda) Hinojosa

German E. Perez