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Maria Mikhailovna Kostelovskaia


Maria Kostelovskaia, USSR Politician.


Kostelovskaia, Maria was born on March 19, 1878 in Ufa.


Studied at the Women’s Higher Courses in Petersburg.


Took part in the 1905 Revolution in the Crimea. Joined the Bolshevik Party, 1903. On party underground work in many provincial towns.

In October 1917, one of the military leaders of the Bolsheviks in Moscow. In 1918, chairwoman of the Military FoodProcurement Bureau in charge of requisitions, commander of the prodotriady (military detachments for requisitioning food from peasants). During the collectivization campaign, head of the political department of the MTS (the agrotechnical side of the kolkhoz system).

Retired in 1946.