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Mariah Carey is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and occasional actress. She rose to prominence after releasing her self-titled debut studio album Mariah Carey in 1990; it went multiplatinum and spawned four consecutive number one singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. Under the guidance of Columbia Records executive and later husband Tommy Mottola, Carey continued booking success with follow.


Mariah Carey's family history and background are diverse. Her late father, Alfred Roy Carey, was an aeronautical engineer of Venezuelan heritage, while her mother Patricia Hickey is of Irish American ancestry.

The couple married in 1960, when racial tensions in America were at their height, and interracial relationships were frowned upon within many quarters. Unsurprisingly, race featured strongly during Mariah's early childhood growing up in Huntington, New York City. “It's been difficult for me, moving around so much, having to grow up by myself... my parents divorced,” she recalled in Mariah Carey Revisited. “And I always felt kind of different from everybody else in my neighborhoods. I was a different person ethnically. And sometimes, that can be a problem. If you look a certain way, everybody goes ‘White girl’, and I'd go, ‘No, that's not what I am.’”


Carey began writing songs with Gavin Christophe


Carey is a philanthropist who has donated time and money to organizations such as the Fresh Air Fund. She became associated with the Fund in the early 1990s, and is the co-founder of a camp located in Fishkill, New York, that enables inner-city youth to embrace the arts and introduces them to career opportunities. The camp was called Camp Mariah "for her generous support and dedication to Fresh Air children", and she received a Congressional Horizon Award for her youth-related charity work.


  • surpassing Elvis Presley's Record for Most Northern 1 Singles on the Billboard Singles Chart, 2008


Mariah Carey is a devout Episcopalian who credits God for her success.


Carey is an original Obama supporter and has made donations to the liberal organization, Moveon.org.


Carey doesn’t know much about politics, but at least she’s woman enough to admit it. It might be why she has very little to say about political issues. However, speaking about the effect Obama’s 2008 campaign had on her, she said:

I can relate a lot to so many of the stories he tells. Clearly I am not the political analyst of the ages, but this is something that hits me on a deeper level than anything I’ve ever experienced growing up.

She has stuck with Obama over the years and has even contributed to his 2012 campaign.

One might question Carey’s political sensitivity, though, as she is one of a short list of artists who has performed for human rights-violating, third-world dictators for quite a bit of money. In Carey’s case, she performed for the Gadhafi family before they were overthrown by a NATO-backed popular uprising

Quotations: 'You really have to look inside yourself and find your own inner strength, and say, 'I'm proud of what I am and who I am, and I'm just going to be myself.'

'If you see me as just the princess then you misunderstand who I am and what I have been through.'

'Butterflies are always following me, everywhere I go.'

'I'm very hard on myself and I have too many issues.'

'I've seen the real extreme diva behaviour and I don't think that's who I am.'


Freud might look at in terms of Mariah Carey’s personality is the idea of and how Mariah Carey might have show cased some signs of this. Mariah Carey didn’t really see much of her father after her parents divorced and her mother worked a lot. Mariah might have interpreted this as her mother having to overcompensate for her father’s not being around and found a subconscious need for an older father like figure in the house. Mariah might have exemplified projection. Projection is taking unacceptable impulses in yourself onto someone else. From a psychoanalytic perspective, Mariah’s not having a father like figure in the house might have forced her to project her desires for a father like figure into her marrying a man much older then her who seemingly treated her like a daughter figure. Mariah Carey has often described Tommy Motolla as ‘restrictive’. Mariah Carey was quoted as saying ”Maybe it’s for my own good that I wasn’t “allowed” to do those things, but that’s not how it felt. It felt suddenly like I had a strict father..”. This quote really makes it seem like she was projecting her lack of a father figure sort of desires onto her husband, Tommy Motolla.


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    Marilyn Monroe

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    She likes to spend time with her frends.

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    Pop, R&B, hip hop, soul, dance


Alfred Roy - Engineer

Patricia Hickey - singer

Moroccan Scott - United States

Monroe - United States
Monroe  - child of Mariah Carey

Alison Scott


1st husband:
Thomas Daniel Mottola - United States - music executive
Thomas Daniel Mottola - 1st husband of Mariah Carey

She dated and married Tommy Mottola while working on her third album ‘Music Box’ in 1993.

2-nd husband:
Nicholas Scott Cannon - United States - rapper, actor, comedian, television and radio host, and producer
Nicholas Scott  Cannon - 2-nd husband of Mariah Carey

She married comedian-actor, Nick Cannon on April 30, 2008 in The Bahamas and on April 30, 2011, she gave birth to non-identical twins, Monroe and Moroccan. It is believed that during her pregnancy, she suffered from high-blood pressure and gestational diabetes.