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Marie-France LECUIR


Marie-France LECUIR, French Deputy.


LECUIR, Marie-France was born on May 2, 1941 in Fécamp, Seine-Inférieure, France. Daughter of Léopold Soublin and Jeanne Soublin (née Cazenave).


School at Fécamp and Paris; Sorbonne, Paris, qualified in French language and literature; secondary school teaching certificate


SGENCFDT Trade Unionist, 1966-1981. Founder of the consumers’ union of Pontoise, 1970. General Councillor of the Val-d’Oise, 1976-1982.

Town Councillor of Pontoise, 1977-1982. Member of the management committee and the executive board of the PS, 1979-1987. Elected Socialist Deputy of the Val-d’Oise, 1981, reelected 1986 and 1988.

Vice-President of the cultural, family and social affairs commission, 1981-1983. Reporter of the employment budget at the National Assembly, 1982-1986, 1988-1991. Regional Councillor of l’lle-de-France, 1981 -86.

Secretary of the National Assembly, since 1986. Mayoress of Domonl, 1989. President, Intercommunal Union ’Plaine de France Ouest’.

Professional career: secondary school teacher at Pontoise secondary school, 1966-1970 and Pontoise school, 1970-1981.


Léopold Soublin

Jeanne Soublin (née Cazenave)

Jean Lecuir