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Mark OYFEBAKH, USSR Phthisiologist. Professor; Doctor of Medicine Science; Head, Dispensary Section, Tuberculosis Institute, USSR Academy of Medical Science, since 1931; Deputy Chairman, Problem Commission for Tuberculosis, USSR Academy of Medical Science and USSR Ministry of Health. Order of Lenin; Order of Red Banner of Labor; medals; badge “Outstanding Public Health Worker”.


OYFEBAKH, Mark was born in 1898.


1921 graduated Medical Faculty, Kazan University.


Helped organize antituberculosis institutions in Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Devised first comprehensive plan for combatting tuberculosis in Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic. Developed methods of organizing early diagnosis of tuberculosis and improving public therapeutic and prophylactic service.

1934 organized first successful corresponding training of phthisiologists. Directs organ, and methods work for public antituberculosis outpatients’ treatment on an All-Union scale. Bureau member, Medicine Section, All-Union Society for the Dissemination of Political and Science Knowledge.

Board member, All-Union Society of Phthisiologists. Author of over 85 works on clinical aspects and epidemiology of tuberculosis and organ, of countermeasures. Wrote one of first Soviet works on bronchoscopy, diagnosis and treatment of suppurative pulmonary processes.