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Martin Augustine Knapp, American judge.


Knapp, Martin Augustine was born on November 6, 1843 in Spafford, New York, United States. Son of Justus Norton and Polly (McKay) Knapp.


Bachelor of Arts, Wesleyan University, Connecticut, 1868, A.M., 1871 (Doctor of Laws, 1892. Doctor of Laws, Syracuse, 1911).


Admitted to New York bar, 1869. Was corporation counsel, Syracuse, 1877-1883. Appointed Interstate Commerce Commissioner, February 1891.

Reapptd., February 1897, and in 1902 and 1908. Chairman of the commission from 1898, and as ex officio mediator under the Erdman Act participated in numerous negotiations for the settlement of railway labor disputes. Appointed additional circuit judge and assigned for 5 years to the United States Commerce Court as presiding judge.

Assumed the duties of that office December 31, 1910, resigning from the commission at the same time. Later appointed mediator under amended Erdman Act for 2 years from March 4, 1911. Appointed to Board of Mediation and Conciliation created by Newlands Act of 1913, superseding Erdman law.

Upon dissolution of Commerce Court, December 31, 1913, assigned by chief justice to Circuit Court of Appeals of the 4th Judicial Circuit. Home: Washington, Distric.


Married Marian Hotchkiss, December 29, 1869 (died 1904). Married second, Mistress.

Justus Norton Knapp

Polly (McKay) Knapp

Marian Hotchkiss